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Smartphone Repair

The name itself says it all - 'smartphone'. In this modern era, a day without smartphone is not ideal as we are completely dependent on it for our food, travel, contacts, work, and leisure. We get our heads worked up if we can't access our phone.

Any electronic gadget is meant to face some issue or the other with span of time, or by hardware software incompatibility or by misuse. Repairing them to their new and best form is the task that we do for users. Bring your android, iOS or windows device and get assured fixes.

Errors we fix:

Our team of technical experts are available on the clock to help you with all your smartphone related issues. We offer services for various range of devices that includes android, iOS and windows smartphone. Various models of different brands are fixed within minutes to ensure best customer experience.

Below mentioned are a few mainstream smartphone errors that we have to deal with

  • Widespread issues
  • Failed to update software
  • Deteriorating battery life

Apart from these, we also help fixing hardware or motherboard related bugs, phone not charging, no Wi-Fi connectivity, poor network reception and so on.


Tablet Repair

Because of portability, tablets have replaced laptops in large amount. People now carry tablets to their workplace or client location to give presentation or in holidays to watch movies, play games.

But who likes a bugged device? I guess no one! and so does the need to troubleshoot bugs come into picture.

Errors we fix:

Keeping your electronic devices error free is our job in hand. Tablets undergo various software and hardware complaint which user cannot fix by their own. We guide you throughout the process and help running your device smooth.

Common errors that we encounter mostly with tablets are

  • Broken display
  • Charging port issues
  • Water damage

Home button malfunction, Heating problem are also problems that we have to deal with.


Laptop Repair

Laptops are used for personal as well as professional purpose, and loss of data is one crucial thing one can't compromise with. System crash while performing a job is one threatening situation.

Those in need require fast recovery of their device and we are here to ensure just that. Our technicians diagnose the malfunction and take necessary actions to fix your laptop as soon as possible.

Errors we fix:

With so much of data and hard work involved, it is of at most importance to save your laptop. Not just the data, but repair the device as well so it is as good to work on as it was when new.

Popular glitches that we often come across are enlisted below

  • Data Recovery
  • Laptop running slow
  • Black screen error

Overheating issues, software compatibility issues, driver compatibility issues, system crash are few more common occuring. we can't solve these errors always by ourselves and technical assistance always comes handy in these situations.


PC Repair

Personal computers have been a part of our lives since quite a time now. In our day to day life we encounter many bugs while using PC, some we solve ourselves while other complex issues need technical consultation.

Like bugs with CPU, hard disk, speaker etc. can be complex. We here avail you with services to repair your device, quick fixes and tips for a healthy tech expeience.

Errors we fix:

We assure you quality repair service for your PC. Any software or hardware malfunction is treated with utmost care and you can rely on us for the data.

Generic bugs in PC are mentioned below

  • Frozen screen
  • Hard drive collapse
  • Missing DLL files
Problem connecting to the network, speaker or printer, Noise, Adware malware issues are some other errors we deal with on a daily basis.


DSLR Camera

Digital SLR cameras are more of a trend now like sharing photographs in social media is. Be it travel or a wedding or any other event, we keep our DSLRs ready to get the perfect shot.

Imagine your DSLR showing bugs right before an event. Aweful right ?

Don't worry because our skilled professionals knows just the thing to fix a faulty DSLR. Event or not, you shouldn't lag behind for a perfect click.

Errors we fix:

Electronic gadgets have a tendency to show errors, but that shouldn't stop you in any way because you have us to take care of those bugs.

Some common problems that DSLRs hyave shown recently are

  • FEE error
  • Error 02
  • Camera software issues
Accidentally spilled water on camera? Camera shutter, battery or SD Card cannot be read problems are few others that we frequently encounter.


Music Player

Music players are an all time popular gadget in all age groups. These music players play files of different audio format and may conflict at times. These conflicts are to be solved for uniterrupted user experience.

Now a day, a number of brands have introduced their music players in the market with their own unique features for a better user experience.

Errors we fix:

A lot of add on features are added for music players like you can select your mood, genre, playlist and play music in different modes like Pop, Indie, Studio etc. At times, there can be problem while loading a particular audio or while adding/ removing files from your playlist.

Below mentioned are very common bugs that we come across

  • Music playback error
  • Error playing audio
  • Noise issues

These problems are nothing that we can't solve. We are here to help you fix your music player in no time so that you can relax and enjoy your coffee humming your favorite song.