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The innovation of electronic devices has definitely simplified our lives, what's less demanding is we providing you quick fixes through online support to fix your faulty Windows computer, sluggish laptop, bugged printer, and Mac device. Computer doctor dude strives for efficiency by availing customers quick and quality IT solutions.

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The innovation of electronic devices made our life simple, what's less demanding is we providing you instant support to fix your e gadgets within minutes. Now getting your laptop, desktop, smartphone, DSLR, and music player fixed is easier than ever.

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What We Provide

We provide a wide range of repair services for your Laptop, smartphone, Camera, Tablet, iPhone, Desktop and other electronic devices.

Smart phone repai
Smart phone repair

Living without smartphone now a day is as difficult as living without food. In this era, we guarantee you quick services to fix your android, windows or iPhone smartphone.

Tablet repair
Tablet repair

Tablets are mini laptops we carry everywhere, to office, to client location and a bugged tablet is of no use. Bring your faulty tablet and get quality service, you will know only when you come.

Camera Repair
Camera Repair

Timely maintenance of electronic gadgets is a factor that can’t be avoided to get optimal performance. We help you fixing any lens, focus screen, image sensor (internal or external part) related issues.

iPhone Repair
iPhone Repair

Handling iPhone can be a bit complicated when a bug is encountered. Save yourselves from the hassle and get our experts help that will ensure uninterrupted performance.

Laptop Repair
Laptop Repair

We specialize in hardware and software related issues and will help you troubleshoot errors no matter which brand or software you are using. We take intensive care of your device and data both.

Other Repairs
Other Repairs

In addition to these devices, we offer our repair services for several other electronic devices as well like music players, video players, play stations and etc.

Why Choose Us?

Work Guarantee

We give work guarantee for your fixes. Be it a laptop hardware issue or computer software update failed issue or any other error, our skilled technicians solve it all. Your device is safe with us.

Low Price

We try and offer services in equitable price range. We charge only what is legit for the quality service we provide.

Quick Service

We know how important your laptop, smartphone and e device is for you, and hence providing quick services along with quality tops our priority list.

All you need to know

We are a trusted and competent IT organisation that offers high value services to our clients and customers and intend to build prospect clients. We provide software and hardware service for various electronic gadgets.

Maintaining work relation with existing clients and strengthening base for new potential clients is our agenda. We try and fix any electronic device issues for our customers as soon as possible.

Our vision is to ensure seamless quality performance for our clients and customers. We encourage our team to work together without complexity to build trust, reliability and stability.

Connect with us to stay updated about the latest career opportunities with computer doctor dude. You can browse through our online training section as well to know more.

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